Terry Lanigan LMSW, ACSW, CFT

Individual, Marriage, and Family Counseling


The counseling relationship is a professional process intended to help you resolve personal, marital, or family challenges that leave you feeling unhappy, angry, or unsure as to how to make things better.

For many, tremendous adjustments are required. Separating from parents, being accepted by peers, establishing positive self-esteem are all issues that must be confronted in a healthy way.

image of three adolescent girls gossiping in front of school lockers

During adolescence, young people must face the impact of peer pressure, body image, conflicts with parents, and the age-appropriate establishment of romantic relationships.

As adults, there are new skills to learn. Creating a career plan, learning to communicate in intimate relationships, addressing traumas of childhood, coping with loss from divorce, illness, or death are examples of life issues that can leave you feeling very unsettled. The demands of parenting may add to these stressors. The sadness of loss can stress your emotional resources.

image of a depressed woman sitting outside holding face in her hands

Supportive Counseling

Wherever you may be in the life cycle, supportive counseling can help you to see things from a different perspective. It takes courage to address problems and change behavior and attitudes.

You are worth it, as is your family.

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